The planet is not ours...we are only borrowing it from our children...

CE Produkter was established in 1996 with the idea of harnessing our customers’ waste material, such as quilting and mattresses. 

Our business idea was to reclaim our customers’ industrial waste and repurpose it into a product that we called RECOFELT®. The idea was much appreciated by our customers who, as a result, could reduce their waste management costs and also get a great product back. 

Twenty years later, our entire philosophy is based on providing the market with products that have a strong environmental profile. The environment continues to be a hot topic for discussion and global warming and wear and tear feature in almost every news broadcast and newspaper.

We continue to develop materials that help us reduce our dependency on oil and we are constantly looking for new ideas. It is our conviction that the future is in using more recycled and renewable products, something we have a long history of doing.

Together with you, our customers, we can impact the environment for the better!