It’s all about who we are

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We do good things every day

We produce high-quality textiles that make furniture soft, muffle sound and insulate. And we do it really well. But what's special about us is how we do things. With passion. With an almost manic dedication. And with a whole lot of heart. That's just the way we are.

What we offer you

We produce and develop high-quality, environmentally conscious, innovative textile fibre applications in collaboration with product developers and manufacturers from various industries. Our products are uniquely tailored to the needs of our customers and we are all about building relationships. We manufacture the material you need and create a solution that is cost-effective for you.

Together since 1996

We have a community that helps us to do the right things and to constantly develop together. We call it CE Family. And we make each other better. See us in action here.


CE Produkter is currently run by the fourth generation of the Ekman Family. In 1939, Victoria's and Eric’s great grandfather started producing wadding material with the business idea of using recycled materials.


We have our ear close to the ground when it comes to development opportunities and the needs of our market. Material development and sustainability are at our core. Our operations are founded on reclaiming materials and repurposing them in our products.


We are dedicated to giving you what you need. Through the years we have built up a team and developed a production site equipped to quickly meet your needs. We listen, we are involved, and we put our hearts into everything we do.

We are CE Produkter

What's the best thing about working at CE Produkter? Everything!

Yasmine , Production

I have been working at CE Produkter for over 11 years. We have so much fun here! If we didn't, I wouldn't have stayed for so long :-)

Afrim, Production

This is like a family! It´s a very good job and I like it here.

Shpend, Production

My great grandfather ran a company that made wadding material and it has always been a part of me. I love to come here every day and work with this lovely team.

Eric, Production Manager